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Realization of Donskaya breed

Don breed was created by repeated crossings between horses of different breeds, which the Cossacks brought home from military campaigns. Initially the horses of local nomads were used in crossings- Nogai and Kalmyks, and as a result by the end of the XVIII century in the Don steppes was created so-called starodonskaya horse - medium-sized, hardy and unpretentious, it became widely known during the war of 1812.

The Don Ataman M. Platov was the first who began the crossbreeding with thoroughbred horses. He used in his stud, arranged in 1770 in steppes. Stallion Crystal, presented to him by the King of England after the victorious conclusion of the war against Napoleonic France.The descendants of this producer is so well established that in the beginning and middle of the XIX century on the Don in a special price horses were so-called "hrustalevskih" blood. In the following years, the crossings started to use a variety of oriental origin producers: Turkmen and Karabakh, and in the period of the Persian Wars, and horses of Persia.

At Don the great contribution to this made general V. Ilovajskij. In some years, the number of horses at his stud reached 5,000. He was the first who put into practice of breeding keeping the studbook. By the end of the XIX century at Don threre were already a lot of stud farms, numbering in the mother part of 300-500 or more mares, and as producers there were thoroughbred, orlov-rostopchinskie, karabakh, and in the northern regions - the orlov trotter stallions.

Work on the crossings gradually began to show results, and in 1910 at the All-Russian Exhibition in Moscow Don breeders put up a large group of similar riding horses golden-red color, which became a sensation for professionals. Since then, Don horse has received universal recognition, and it has become widely used for the replenishment of cavalry units and improving local livestock in various parts of the Russian Empire, mainly in the areas of horse breeding.