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Realization of Budennovskaya breed

Since the XIX century has been carried out crossing the Don horses, mostly rideable and Eastern types, with the breeds, that have a good quality of movements and high operability to address the shortcomings of the Don breed horses.This work was continued during the Soviet period on a wider scale in the military studs. 

During the first period of work (1920-1930 years) were carried out mass of crossing using specially selected horses according to the type and conformation of producers thoroughbred riding breed. But for the first obtained in studs youngsters it became clear that the mere accumulation of English blood will not give in hybrids the desired results. Then it was decided to limit the use of thoroughbred stallions the benefit of the English-Don producers. And during the second period of work different variants of recurrent and repeated crossings were widely used, and along with it has begun the using of crossbred origin stallions.

As a result of multiple crossings in their studs named after S.M.Budenny the large group of half-blooded in English breed of horses was created, successfully combining the positive qualities of the original breeds: the excellent quality of movements and high agility thoroughbred horses with a massive addition, strong constitution, endurance and unpretentiousness of the Don. In 1948, this group passed the state approbation, and it was recognized as an independent breed, named in honor of Budennov stud farm, where the main work was conducted on its removal.